Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Once upon a time....

I, Laynie, made a blog. You might think " omg, not another teenager with complains about life and how miserable she is blablabla". Well, if you think that before you actually have read it. turn around and drop dead. thank you and good bye.

Okey, that might not have been the nicest entry, but ...no buts.

This is a blog where I want to just write out my heart and my feelings. Since I don't dare to talk to anyone around me at the moment, maybe you will be the one for me? The one I might be able to talk to without hesitating.

My life now: singel (jusy got dumped by me boyfriend today. yes today), student attending high school and I have friends who supports me. Thank God for them.

I'll hope you enjoy what I have to write if not please push the "next" button.

Thanks for you support!

Take care,

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