Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Can you see the lights in the end of the tunel?. . .

School for every teenager is tought in their own different ways. It can be that you don't understand a thing about the subject, you don't understand what your teacher is trying to say or just that you might have social problems or problems with your friends!

School might be your savior, but other times your worst nightmare! At this point in my life, it's a nightmare (i'm sorry to say !). School is really tought at the moment, but i'm trying my best. Right now I'm taking these classes: chemistry, physics, maths, English, history, norwegian, french and PE. Chemistry, physics and maths are the hardest subjects!

I'm trying to become a dentist, but then i would have to have 56.2 ponints. This is how the grade system works: each subject is graded from 1-6 (where 6 is the best and one the worst). You add all the grades you have divided by how many subjects you have. After thath you take the sum and multiply by 10 and you get your points. Ex: (5+4+6+5)/4 = 5, 5*10 = 50 points. (got that??) But some special subjects you get extra points, at most 4. I calculated that I will get about 3.5 points. But my grades for 2010 were just to week. I got 44 points at all and if i add the my extra points I get 47.5.... That's FAR AWAY from 56.2..... How can I see the lights in the end of the tunel? I got to work harder!

See why I'm stressed? I'm trying my best, and I hope you are too!

Take care,


  1. Du har enda et og et halv år igjenn på skolen, så du trenger ikke stresse så mye enda! Kjenner jeg deg rett kommer du til å få alle poenga dine til slutt, uten problemer!
    - MJ

  2. I hope so my sweet MJ! But, since many of my grades will stand until my senior year I'm still stressed out! But thank you for the words of wisdom, sweety!