Sunday, January 30, 2011

I love my phone!

Yesterday I recieve my lovely phone! I "bought" a LG P500 Optimus One Black (image below)
And it's TOO COOL! It didn't cost much. Aproximatley 2000NOK or 345 USD. It's OP (operating system) is Android 2.2 which is quite good. It's easy to use and the screen is crystal clear. If there is one thing that i might dislike it has to be that the camera only has 3 mega pixles and there is no blitz (led-lights). Sometimes it takes a little bit time to turn it on and off. But to be this cheap (compared to samsung galaxy S and htc desire HD) it's very good! In Norway it got great reviews from one of the countries most famous paper VG(Verdens Gang). Link :

All in all, I love this phone. YES; LOVE. So if you want a touchphone with android and don't want to spend all that like you have to with Galaxy S, HTC Desire and iPhone, this is the phone for you!

Take care,