Monday, March 7, 2011

Once upon a time.... again

The school just started after a nice weekend. And for once I decided to tell about it.

It all started with friday. School passed and the afternoon came! And I actually got my ass to practice! For those of you who wonder what I do, it's Taekwondo. Fun, effective and painfully hard. Still, I love it!
Wondering about my grade and colour of belt? Ask, and I'll answer :-)

Saturday started early! I woke up around 8 pm. Got up, did my thing and stuff and then it was out to my friend's place. When I was there I got introduced to "My name is Earl" and "Spartacus, Gods of the arena". The last one is one of a kind regarding blood, action and nudity. haha, yup. We also enjoyed breakfast with orange juice and chilinuts afterwards. Delicious. Not at the same time of course.

And then it was Sunday. The last day of freedom. I was supposed to do chemistry, math and french....That never happened. Instead, I drove with my parents to another town to visit my oldest sister. That was a great visit. After that we drove for another visit to a friend of my parents. That was nice as well.

To sum up, yup, a great weekend!

Take care,